Carpet Cleaning

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how our carpet cleaning works

Carpet cleaning service

  • Our carpet cleaning is carried out by trained professional carpet cleaning technicians. Carpet cleaning is charged by the square meter at 4.55 per square meter. 
  • Wool carpets can be cleaned without worry using the safest carpet cleaning solutions available.
  • The ph neutral carpet cleaning formula we use to clean your carpets is safe for all types of carpets, rugs and upholstery. It’s also safe to use in homes if you have allergies, sensitive skin, or if you have children or pets. We only clean using eco friendly cleaning products wherever possible. 


When you require a deep clean of your carpets and upholstery call in the professionals at Scottish Cleaning company.

Rug cleaning service. 

We clean all types of rugs, from persian, turkish, asian to synthetic man made rugs. the rug cleaning process includes a thorough dusting using a commercial vacuum with beater bar. One cleaned professionally, the vibrant colours will show through on rugs. We can remove most stains from rugs including irn bru stains, Curry stains and more.


Stair carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning means we have the tools to do the job, any job, including stair carpet cleaning. 

Using our industrial carpet cleaning extraction machine we can deep clean stair carpet, normally the dirtiest carpet in the house due to the traffic levels experienced in hallways and stairways. We begin the process by thoroughly vacuuming the stair case, we use a special pet hair removal brush to remove embedded pet hair from the stair carpet. 


Fully trained and insured carpet cleaning company

We carry 5 million public liability insurance and 10 million employers liability insurance so all your cleaning treatments are completely covered. You should only use a professional when it comes to cleaning the most expensive items in your home, Carpets and upholstery are 2 of the largest home purchases you will make, it pays to have them cared for by the professionals.