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Cleaning jobs in GLASGOW, Work with us – Cleaning Vacancies Glasgow

We have vacancies for cleaning staff within our organisation. Earn £10 per hour 

Experience is not required as full training will be provided. If you would like to work with the Scottish cleaning company please fill in the application form below.

Looking for a cleaning job in Glasgow? Apply now! 

We welcome applications from all nationalities. You must have a good grasp of spoken English, Written English is not essential

We are an equal opportunities employer. we pay £10 per hour

We support the living wage foundation recommendations and pay above the Glasgow living wage
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  • Hours:  between 10am – 6pm
  • Required availability:  At least 1 day from 7
  • No experience necessary 
  • Minimum Age:  16
  • Must have the right to work in the UK
  • Must sign an enhanced disclosure with disclosure Scotland

We are a family business, you will be working with the owners on a regular basis, unlike working for a large corporation, and we treat our workers well, because we all do the same job.

You will never be asked to perform any cleaning task that the owners wouldn’t do themselves. We work in a team with everyone mucking in to get the job done. 

When we are in a client’s home it’s important we don’t curse, use slang, or act inappropriately, when we are travelling to and from jobs then it’s time to relax and be yourself.

The work is demanding, but only physically. You won’t have a melt down worrying about hitting sales targets.

 We work in teams of  2 – 3, you must be a team player, and this is critical to the role.

What does being a team player actually mean?

You have a friendly personality, you can be chatty when required, but you know when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and muck in. When you finish a task you go and see what else needs done.

 What we are not looking for

If you turn up late, have a diva personality, think cleaning tasks are beneath you, or, If you are the type of person who complains a lot, or, likes an easy ride in life, you don’t like to break a sweat, or you worry about your make up and hair more than you worry about getting the job done then this is not the job for you. It will break you in a day.


If you’re willing to work hard and put in a decent shift and you can be flexible with us then you will be joining a company who actually cares about you, we will be as flexible with you back, treat you well, buy you the occasional lunch and really value your contribution to the company

You will be cleaning in private homes across Glasgow

We visit the homes in teams of 3-4 cleaners. Transport is provided to and from each job. All equipment is provided. You will be provided with a uniform, which must be worn at all times.

 No Experience required – Full Training Given 

Before you start the job you will be given training on the way we clean. Part of this training is video based. You can complete this section in your own time at your own leisure. Following the videos you will be asked to sit an online exam testing your knowledge based on the videos you have watched. This should take you around 2 hours in total to complete, including the time it takes to watch the videos.

We are an eco friendly cleaning company, this means we do not use harmful chemicals when carrying out the cleaning duties. So you won’t be breathing in harmful fumes or exposing your skin to dangerous chemicals.


You will visit a varying number of clients per shift,

Some days may require you to work a split shift, there may be clients to visit in the morning then a break of a few hours before we visit the next client. This will not happen often but it may. 

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