Living wage policy

Scottish Cleaning Company supports the living wage foundations policies.

Living wage cleaning staff – Glasgow

Our permanent staff and cleaning staff are paid above the living wage of £10.90 per hour

The living wage foundation recommends the minimum living wage of £10.90 per hour ( April 23 )  be implemented by companies in order to provide employees with a practical living wage. All the full time and part time permanent members of staff at the Scottish Cleaning Company are paid at least the living wage rate of £9.75. Our staff begin employment with us at the rate of £11 per hour raising to £15 per hour after training and 3 months continuous employment.

We pay all our cleaning team members above the living wage

Here at The Scottish Cleaning Company we provide cleaning staff to small businesses, companies and organisations who are committed to providing the living wage across the company, including all external service providers such as cleaning companies. Cleaning is a difficult and demanding job role, we believe our staff should be rewarded by being paid a fair wage for the work they do. 

Does your company need a cleaning provider who pays staff the living wage? 

Cleaning staff trapped in the low pay trap find it hard to provide for a family and run a home on the minimum wage. Meanwhile companies continue to put profits before people. The Scottish Government will hopefully gain new powers needed to increase the basic minimum wage to the rate recommended by the living wage foundation. Until then we will continue to support and follow the guides recommended by the living wage foundation. At The Scottish Cleaning Company we value our frontline cleaning staff, we understand how difficult the job can be and we fully appreciate the effort they put in to support and grow our company. 

Our permanent general cleaners are all paid above the living wage at £10.90 per hour

Choose the Scottish Cleaning Company when you need an ethical fair living wage cleaning staff provider.

Does your company need a cleaning company who pays their staff the living wage?

If you are changing contracts with service providers to make sure that any cleaning staff, janitorial staff  or housekeeping staff are paid the national living wage rather than the national minimum wage then you should call ScotClean Solutions today on

0141 769 0069

The Scottish Cleaning Company is committed to providing continuous access to training and firmly believes in increasing the skill set of our employees, We are an equal opportunities employer, striving to provide a fair and friendly workplace for all cleaning staff have a policy of recruiting. Supporting the living wage is just one of the policies of putting our staff first. We believe happy employees are productive employees.