Communal area cleaning

Communal area cleaning – tenement close cleaning

Our communal area cleaning service is popular across Glasgow and surrounding areas.

We clean the communal areas in traditional tenements and modern build flats across Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We clean all flooring types, from traditional stone to modern carpets. Our cleaning teams use portable equipment with no need for power or water access. Booking your communal area cleaning couldn’t be easier with our online booking service or your can call us today on 0800 788 0615 to arrange your free cleaning estimate.

We can cleaning your communal areas at your preferred frequency. Most clients prefer a weekly cleaning schedule to keep communal areas looking and smelling great.


Tenement cleaning example cleaning rota

Standard cleaning

  • All door mats vacuumed
  • All landings vacuumed
  • Stairs and risers vacuumed
  • Stairs and risers Wet scrub clean
  • Landings wet scrub clean
  • Stairs dried using microfibre to negate slip hazards
  • Air fresheners topped up


  • High level dusting
  • Internal communal area window cleaning
  • chewing gum removal
  • Graffiti removal