A guide to buying a steam cleaner for your home

Steam cleaners are a great cleaning tool to have in your home.

LB2300 steam cleaning machine

At Domestic cleaning Glasgow we use a professional industrial steam cleaning machine to clean and sterilise your home.

You can also purchase small hand held units, They are primarily designed for domestic use, and many people use these machines specifically for their bathrooms and kitchens.

How they work.

Steam cleaners use pressurised steam, usually controlled by a simple trigger system, to loosen dirt and grime from hard surfaces, which can then be easily wiped away with a cloth.

They come in handy in a wide variety of applications, and they often include multiple attachments to perform different tasks in the home. Steam cleaners are also excellent because they use the power of steam rather than harsh chemicals and only require tap water to operate, meaning that they have no ongoing cost. The machines that do use chemicals often have this as an optional extra for additional cleaning strength.

Cleaning advice from domestic cleaners Glasgow

HANDHELD STEAM CLEANERS steam-cleaning newton mearns

Handheld steam cleaners are popular because they are lightweight and highly portable. The handheld models are typically used for cleaning showers, bathroom tiles and windows in the home, and they are handy for getting into tricky corners because of their design. It is important to note that these steam cleaners are NOT to be used for steam-cleaning curtains and mattresses, as they are not able to extract the water again and will leave these surfaces wet.


Cleaning advice from domestic cleaners Glasgow

– Long power cord for better cleaning range. You don’t want to end up with a half-clean shower because your cord wasn’t long enough!

– Strong steam pressure, use 3-bar and higher for best results

– Multiple accessories for cleaning different areas

– Quality steam – the lower-quality machines will produce more water than steam. Premium steam cleaners tend to use dry steam because it is highly effective and leaves less residue than other cleaners.



Multi-steamers are typically larger, more powerful steam cleaners than their handheld equivalents. Cleaning advice from domestic cleaners Glasgow. They often have a base unit to generate the steam, and a variety of hoses and attachments connected to the base unit that deliver the pressurised steam when the trigger is pulled. With higher steam pressure, they tend to deliver better results on a wider range of cleaning tasks, and while they are not as portable as handheld steamers you can generally clean for longer due to the larger capacity of the multi-steamer.

They tend to perform well with the tougher tasks in the home, such as cleaning the oven, the BBQ grill or cleaning the grout around your house. The better models also have a steam mop attachment included, so you can use your multi-steamer as a powerful steam mop without needing to purchase an additional mop.


– Multiple accessories to ensure flexibility in cleaning

– Ensure that a grout-cleaning attachment is included

– Check to see that it can be used as a steam mop as well

– Ensure that it is made by a trusted brand


It is important to remember that a steam cleaner is not the ‘miracle cure’ for all of your really tough grime around the home. Be realistic about your expectations – if your oven hasn’t been cleaned in years, then even the best steam cleaner will struggle to remove the baked-on dirt on the first pass! Also, be aware that following steam cleaning you will need to wipe the surface down with a cloth to clear the loosened dirt. The steam cleaner itself does not pick up the dirt, it simply loosens it for easy removal.

Overall, steam cleaners are generally very cost-effective and easy to use in the home. Because they are so versatile in their cleaning ability, they come in handy in all kinds of different situations! If you would like any advice on choosing the best steam cleaner for your home, then drop into your local Godfreys store or call us today and we’ll help you out.

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