Avoid holiday hell this summer – The dirtiest hotel destinations in the UK named and shamed

Avoid holiday hell this summer – The dirtiest hotel destinations in the UK named and shamed

Does Clean Accommodation rate highly on your list of holiday requirements ?

Would a Dirty Hotel spoil your holiday break? Then read on..

worst hotel room ever

Possibly the worst Hotel Room in the UK

The British tourist industry has been pulling out all the stops to try encourage brits to stay at home and enjoy the best of the UK, Weather excluded obviously.  Unfortunately the tourist industry is not personally responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of some of the holiday offering across the UK and some places are still finding it hard to shake the stereotype of grotty hotels. Bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘dirty weekend’, Blackpool has been named as the leading destination for grubby accommodation. The research, which was published by Hotel.info, surveyed the hotel ratings of over two million hotel guests.

What do you think?

Personally we love Blackpool at the Scottish Cleaning Company, Probably from spending EVERY bank holiday down there enjoying the beaches, riding the donkeys, and loving the illuminations. Ahhhh 

What’s your worst holiday experience. Comment below. 

 blackpoolblackpool beach-and-tower

Chief gripes were stained sheets, dusty tables and smoky smells. Blackpool has some serious catching up to do, if it wants to compete with the likes of Margate, which has undergone a transformation from drab seaside resort to bustling art and food hub. Last year, its beaches were named among Britain’s worst by the Marine Conservation Society, while two-thirds of the rest of the country had ‘excellent’ beach reports.

 Despite the damning evidence, Blackpool is undergoing regeneration, revitalising the southern gateway promenade that features the “world’s largest mirror ball”.

 The place with the cleanest hotels was Colnbrook in Berkshire, which had a high score of 9.48

 Here’s the top 10 list of Britain’s dirtiest hotel destinations to help you avoid a hotel nightmare:

  1. Blackpool
  2. Coventry
  3. Wolverhampton
  4. Brighton
  5. Newport
  6. Wilmslow
  7. Eastbourne
  8. Basingstoke
  9. Worcester
  10. Bracknell

We hope you have a clean holiday this summer. We are glad to see Glasgow has not made it onto this list. 🙂


The Scottish Cleaning Company. 



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