Do I need a housekeeper or a cleaner ? What’s the difference anyway?

Do I need a housekeeper or a cleaner ? What’s the difference anyway?

Do you need to hire a Cleaning Service or a Housekeeping Service?

We explain the differences between our commercial residential cleaning service and our housekeeping service.

As the length of the working day gets even longer in the UK, home cleaners are becoming more and more popular and as the popularity of house cleaning grows, the demographic of the traditional cleaning client changes, so do the old definitions of housekeeping services and house cleaning services, which have become blurred.

We see more and more of our domestic customers asking for housekeeping tasks to be carried out be the cleaning staff, this guide should save any confusion.

To keep our clients clear on exactly what tasks and activities qualify as cleaning and which activities qualify as housekeeping, we send detailed cleaning check-lists to our customers when we tender the quote. We attend the home of our clients at the pre quote stage to carry out a cleaning survey, we ask the client to accompany us on a walk around the property where we can detail every task on our cleaning check lists.

Our cleaning check lists are  extremely detailed so that the home-owner knows exactly what to expect from the cleaning service and that housekeeping services will either cost more or mat need to be sourced from elsewhere. Find your local branch of the Scottish Cleaning Company here, and use the contact form on your local page to request a sample cleaning check list.

The difference between house cleaning services and housekeeping services are, time, training and cost.

A housekeeping service includes cleaning the house to an extent but its not the main duty of the position. The main focus falls on other non-cleaning tasks such as doing laundry, folding, and ironing, shopping for fresh groceries, pet sitting and dog walking. These are just a few of the tasks that a housekeeping service would perform. Even from this small example, one can see that these tasks would be extremely time consuming.

Housekeepers are really home managers. They organise and arrange all aspects of running a home and really do a little bit of everything, they clean, but they usually are not expected to do thorough cleaning.

Another good reason for choosing the Scottish Cleaning Company, we can offer trained, experienced housekeeping and cleaning staff for your home. All services provided and managed by The Scottish Cleaning Company.

Our housekeeping managers are intricately connected with the family or client they work for. In today’s modern age, when people in the UK are working more than ever before, a housekeeper’s job is to pick up the kids from school, buy the groceries, pick up and put thing away and complete basically every chore one can think of.

Our house cleaning service focuses strictly on cleaning. Our professional cleaning staff work to a methodical cleaning routine. We carry out our cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. We bring all of the cleaning supplies unless the client prefers that they use theirs.

 What will a housekeeper do that a cleaner doesn’t

A housekeeping service will wipe surfaces down; a house cleaning service will mop, scrub, steam, and vacuum every surface in the house as best as humanly possible. If you are looking for a move out clean, you would choose our house moving in/moving out cleaning service; our goal is to bring it back to its original condition as if the house had never been lived in. If you choose the correct cleaning company, a professional cleaning company like the Scottish Cleaning Company then this is possible.

To avoid any problems which may arise when a client uses our cleaning service expecting all of the housekeeping chores to get done in addition to the cleaning. These chores can add hours to the job and can leave both the client and house cleaner frustrated. Most house cleaners will go ahead and do the chores to keep the client happy. House cleaning services understand the confusion that may occur, that’s why you can add on housekeeping services for an additional cost. This works out for both the client and house cleaner, since the client’s expectations are being met and the house cleaner is being fairly compensated for the additional tasks. I hope I properly explained the difference between the difference between house cleaning and housekeeping. The next time you decide to hire a house cleaning service you will have a much clearer idea of what to expect.

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