Does anyone in your home suffer from Asthma. how to clean for asthmatics

Does anyone in your home suffer from Asthma. how to clean for asthmatics

Cleaning guide for Asthma sufferers

Do you have any asthma sufferers in your home?

Struggling to stay on top of your domestic cleaning could be making their illness worse. When dust and allergens begin to build up in your home it triggers the autoimmune system, severely irritating Asthma sufferers and anyone else in the home who suffers with other respiratory illnesses or sensitive conditions.

Dust is an asthma sufferers worst enemy 

dust on a finger causes asthma

Dusting, cleaning and polishing your surfaces at home does more than provide a satisfying aesthetic appearance, you are removing harmful, allergen causing mites, other allergens and destroying harmful bacteria 

Getting a professional cleaning company in to do the job will ensure that your home receives a regular deep clean using professional eco friendly cleaning equipment and solutions.

Keeping your home dust free and clean is vital when living with those who suffer from this long-term illness.

Cleaning with harsh, harmful chemicals will also trigger  and worsen asthma symptoms

Supermarket bought, bleaches, disinfectants, polishes, oven cleaners, and more are laden with cancer causing chemicals. The cupboard in the average UK home contains more then enough harmful chemical cleaning products to cause serious harm to anyone who accidentally ingests or comes into skin contact with these chemicals.


Cleaning products are blamed for the increase in the levels of Asthma being diagnosed in children and adults. The british medical journal has published various papers on the subject of the dangers of the chemicals found in household cleaning products. read here

As a professional cleaning company, we never recommend the use of harsh chemical cleaners. Eco friendly products will clean your home but are safe enough to eat.. we are not kidding. Our eco friendly disinfectant is made from 100% food safe ingredients. 

Microfiber cleaning will safely remove 99.9 % of harmful bacteria without the need for spraying harmful chemicals around your home.

When you spray any bleach or cleaning product the chemicals are atomised, they enter the air in tiny particles which enter your airways andmicrobibre removes 99% of bacteria lungs, falls on your skin, goes in your eyes. 

Microfibre cloths clean with fresh, clean, water… 


This includes the cold and flu virus.

We recommend our cleaning regime to stay on top of dust, bacteria and allergens in the home.

  • daily dusting with microfibre cleaning cloths

  • Daily vacuuming with a HEPA filtered upright vacuum 

  • Disinfect contact surfaces every 2 days with an eco friendly product

  • Deep cleaning all surfaces once a week.( Dust, wash, dry, polish )

  • Change bedding weekly, Vacuum mattress weekly 

  • Steam clean mattress monthly 

  • Vacuum curtains weekly 

  • Steam clean curtains monthly 

  • Vacuum upholstery / furniture weekly 

Mattress cleaning is also essential when living with an asthma sufferer. Dust mites thrive in the moist, dark comfort of a mattress.

Bedding should be cleaned once a week and the mattress should be steam cleaned every 2 months. Soft furnishings in the room such as upholstery, and curtains should be vacuumed weekly to avoid a build of nasty dust mites. T

hey cause all sorts of illnesses and irritation in your home. Eco friendly disinfectants will disinfect as well as any commercial disinfectant.

There is simply no excuse to be causing harm to your family or the environment when cleaning your home. If your not sure what is safe to use or you would like the professionals to take care of the cleaning of your home, just drop us a mail or call the Scottish cleaning company today for your free estimate.

Our cleaning rates begin at just £22.50 per hour for weekly cleaning. We have a minimum visit of 3 hours per visit for regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning.